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The  majority of players, over time, have developed a routine when it comes to sharpening.  It’s a pattern, or habit that players fall into, for example: after two games and a practice, or every four times on the ice or once a week at a specific rink or shop.

This approach is comforting for the player, and tends to contribute to the level of confidence in skating and, ultimately in game performance.  Others have a less regimented approach and will take  whatever is available, wherever they happen to be.

Whatever the approach, it is a very personal one and often sticks with a player throughout their playing career and beyond.  Many drive miles out of the way to that one shop that does it right or drops the skates off to be processed, then pick them up a couple of hours later or even the next day.

But sometimes, a player will break from routine.  They didn’t have time to stop off at the favorite shop, or a skate suddenly lost an edge or when at a strange arena and knowing the skates need a tune-up.

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